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Message by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Claudia Ruiz Massieu

This year, World Tourism Day is being held under the theme “Tourism and Community Development,” a matter that is gaining relevance in the international arena, as it concerns the growth of small-scale and local economies and has a strong impact on poverty alleviation. It is a great privilege for Mexico to be part of the global effort to promote tourism as a strategic tool to change our world. The objective of this event is to promote among the international community the social, cultural, political and economic value of tourism, as well as the importance of the inclusion and benefit of local communities, particularly those composed by indigenous people and vulnerable population in the developing world.

We are conscious of the importance of tourism as a fundamental element to contribute to the development of a village, a town or a city. Mexico itself is a clear example of community development and sustainable practices in tourism, seeking to enhance the socio-economic growth of local communities, and to promote the preservation of their national resources and cultural heritage. In community tourism, the consent and involvement of local population in the management and planning of touristic activities, does not only promote respect for culture, traditions and social structures, but also contributes to alleviate poverty and to preserve the best of its natural, cultural and historical heritage for the enjoyment of future generations.

I therefore assure that the High Level Reflection Group that will take place within the program of the World Tourism Day will be an exceptional opportunity for us all to reevaluate the importance of tourism as a crucial economic activity for the promotion of growth and development of local communities. This can only be accomplished by undertaking strategic actions such as creating job opportunities, supporting local inhabitants and generating in them a strong feeling of belonging. This illustrates an evident example of how tourism and its economic impact can change lives.

It is our pleasure to celebrate with you this year the World Tourism Day. We invite you to join us and be part of this grand event, which will certainly contribute to highly position the subject of community development through tourism, in the international agenda.

Thank you, and welcome to Mexico!

Claudia Ruiz Massieu
Secretary of Tourism

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