Suggested WTD Activities


Celebrate World Tourism Day 2012! The possibilities are endless, see below for just a few suggestions of how you can get involved.

However you celebrate, Share Your Celebrations on the WTD website.


Spread the word

The WTD website is full of resources you can use to spread the word about the 2012 theme.

The message of the UNWTO Secretary-General can be freely used in conference materials, brochures, documentaries etc.

The WTD logo and banner are also online and can be downloaded for the web and printing. Feel free to upload the logo on your website, linking back to the World Tourism Day page: You could also use the logo to make your own WTD-themed materials, such as t-shirts, stickers, posters etc.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @UNWTO to join the conversation through the hashtag #WTD2012 


Make a commitment

WTD 2012 is the perfect time to change your energy habits and make a commitment to a brighter energy future.

If you are a traveler, simple steps such as switching off the lights in your hotel rooms and unplugging appliances when not in use can make a huge difference. Save energy and water by taking a shower instead of a bath, or choosing not to have your bed linen and towels changed every day.

Tour operators and transport industry, commit to using renewable energy sources to supply power to lodgings and vehicles. Hoteliers, calculate your carbon footprint and see how energy efficient technologies can help reduce your carbon emissions and costs using the Hotel Energy Solutions E-toolkit.    

These are just some of the many actions you can take to help achieve a more sustainable tourism sector and the United Nations goal of ensuring sustainable energy for all by 2030.


Hold an event

The relationship between tourism and sustainable energy is complex, but it is also one of the most exciting areas of research and action in the tourism sector. Conferences, seminars or academic presentations on the 2012 theme will help shed light on the sustainable energy initiatives already in place in the tourism sector, and communicate what more can be done.  

Above all, WTD is a celebration. So concerts, festivals, shows and parades are a great way to take part. Official WTD celebrations, including the Think Tank on the 2012 theme with the participation of top experts in the field of tourism and energy, will be streamed live on the WTD website. Feel free to link live to this stream as part of your own events.  


Launch a competition

A competition – essays, paintings, videos – on tourism and sustainable energy is a fun and simple way to get involved in World Tourism Day. UNWTO will be running two of its own competitions throughout the year, the WTD Photo Competition and the upcoming WTD Twitter Competition.


Take a trip

What better way to celebrate WTD than enjoying being a tourist yourself? Whether it’s around the world or within your own country, with your family or your classmates, read the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism before you go to make sure your trip is as sustainable and responsible as possible.   

On previous WTDs, a number of destinations and sites have offered free entry or special discounts to the public, so look out for special offers!