World Tourism Day 2011 Message

by Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour,
Minister of Tourism of Egypt



Tourism - linking cultures

27 September 2011

We are proud and honoured to be hosting the official celebrations of the World Tourism Day 2011 in Egypt. On this occasion it is a pleasure to send all my greetings and those of the Egyptian people and to wish the world peace and prosperity in the coming year. 

Tourism as an industry is now accepted by all nations as a major propellant of economic and social development.  More and more, countries are introducing tourism into their national strategies for growth.  In Egypt, it is one of the most important sectors of the economy, having accounted for close to 12% of our GDP and being responsible for one out of seven jobs.  But tourism is also linking cultures from all corners of the world, bringing people together and proving that despite the variety of races, cultures, customs and arts, the noble bond of humanity is what holds our world together. 

World Tourism Day is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness around the world of this vital economic sector and its contribution to social, economic and environmental wellbeing, but above all its contribution to world peace and understanding.


Mounir Fahkry Abdel-Nour

Minister of Tourism of Egypt

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