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JMT Concours de blogs

La chilienne Cintia Oliva a remporté le premier Concours de Blogueurs de la JMT !

Selon le jury, composé de représentants de l’OMT, le Ministère du Tourisme du Mexique (SECTUR) et CNN, l’article de Cintia “Turismo y Desarrollo Comunitario: Experiencias de éxito en la agricultura familiar” (“Tourisme et développement communautaire: Expériences d’agriculture familiale réussie") est une interprétation créative de la façon dont le tourisme rural favorise le développement communautaire et fait vivre aux visiteurs qui viennent au Costa Rica des expériences tout à fait particulières.

Vous pouvez lire l’article vainqueur sur les expériences de Cintia lors de sa visite dans les communautés rurales à Costa Rica (en espagnol) ici ou télécharger la traduction française de l'OMT.

Cintia sera invitée pour un aller-retour au Mexique pour visiter les projets de développement locaux. Elle assistera également aux festivités officielles de la JMT à Guadalajara avec l’OMT et autres parties intéressées venant du monde entier.

Félicitations, Cintia!

Voir tous les articles présentés au concours de blogueurs de la JMT ci-dessous :

Gocta, hasta cuándo?
Acerca de las posibilidades potenciales y desperdiciadas de la comunidad asociada a la caminata a la catarata Gocta.
Tourism and community development —— China's Tibet Nyingchi community as an example
This post describes the influence of the development of tourism on the local community: economy, culture, environment, values, etc.
Tourism-bringing the best out of the world
The article is about the changes that tourism has brought in my region and country and in other places I've visited.
Tourism and Community Development in Wakatobi, Indonesia
Wakatobi, Indonesia is the living paradise on the earth. Our mission is to introduce Wakatobi's potential to the world by creating the English Guide Book.
The famous Kit Mikayi and Its People
The adventure exists always what matters is the impact your adventure has on the people around you.
Almost Human
Mountain Gorillas promote Rwanda's Tourism industry. Being absent and less present in other East African members,Rwanda's community continues to profit more.
I am a Housewife and a Mountaineer
The story of how a community from a remote village in Indian Himalayas transformed their living through community based tourism.
Kampong Belimbing: From Head Hunter Tribe to Friendly Community
The mixture of culture, nature, respect and harmony. Short description of Kampong Belimbing homestay. See, feel, and understand it, make your trip meaningful.
Turismo Comunitario, ¿en Quintana Roo, México?
Quintana Roo, México, cuna de Cancún y Riviera Maya, ahora ofrece un nuevo destino de turismo comunitario de bajo impacto ambiental y alto beneficio local
Tourism and the effect on the community
As young and enthusiastic traveller my post is about how tourism in Nubian area of Egypt helps there community to develop.I have shared my experiences in brief.
Don’t just tell Ugandans to smile at tourists; give them reason to do so
Don’t just tell Ugandans to smile at tourists; give them reason to do so. To ensure community involvement and to safeguard local cultures, sustainable tourism
I am a 22 years old undergraduate of computer science/mathematics, a social entrepreneur and activist that had mentor over 20 high school student.
Why I love elephant dung
In a remote corner of Uganda bordering the Congo, farmers sleep in their fields to guard their crops from hungry elephants. Tourists visit the elephant trench.
Kumano: History, Beauty and Community
This post is dedicated to the hospitable locals residing in Kumano, Hiroshima, Japan. Kumano is famous for its Hakuhodo brushes, and to me, its warm folks too.
Desarrollo Comunitario en Emberà Drua-Panamà
Estudiantes universitarios visitando a la Comunidad indígena
VolunTourism : Rebuilding Lives of Typhoon Haiyan Affected Areas in Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Voluntourism has created a huge impact in helping rebuild the lives of the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
Philippines! Do you know how to spell D-E-V-E-L-O-P-M-E-N-T?
Jonathan D. Orbuda , a Filipino Traveler narrates about the progress of Philippine Tourism and the extreme results to its economy , social and environment.
Unraveling Poverty with Threads of Peru
Threads of Peru works to alleviate poverty and revitalize cultural traditions in rural indigenous communities through community development and tourism.
On foot around the world
Thanks to tourism, our city is developing better. Local manufacturers and sellers have more work = more money.
Thanks from foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro
This my short story of growing up in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, work in tourism industry and as a traveler around the world.
Utilisation de matériaux locaux pour le développement des communautés locales.
Unexplored Nepal
I remember as one of my friends in Berlin said: “If you want to see Real Nepal, go to the Far West of the country”. No sooner said than done.
Tourism and Community Development: A Marvelous Example of Model village of South Asia(Ghalegaun)
It's my personal experience about how tourism contribute to development of the community.Ghalegaun is a Model village of South Asia, lies in Nepal.
Local development through tourism in Sapa, North Vietnam
Trekking among the indigenous minorities in North Vietnam where tourism has helped develop and improve the livelihood of the Black H'mong people.
Popular Maasai merchandise at the Maasai market in Kenya which are popular among the tourists.My post describes how the Maasai community benefits from tourism.
Munsiari: A model for inclusive rural responsible tourism
A village which tells the story of how tourism can be an answer to women empowerment, environmental degradation and creation of livelihood opportunities.
Revisiting the Inimitable Island Nation of Palau
This article showcases community empowerment by developing independent, creative and young entrepreneurs, the same time promoting Palau’s booming tourism.
Showcasing the Richness of the Poor
For some, there’s nothing special in places that are far from everything. But for me, the local people living there are in a hidden paradise.
preserving cultural heritage through the Lens of Postcolonialism
This article is about tourism being described as a neo-colonial project and its contribution to local community development.
Tourism and Development Community
Community-based tourism enables the tourist to discover local habitats and wildlife, and celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom as wel
Proyecto Chalalán. Turismo Responsable en el corazón de la amazonia boliviana
Proyecto de desarrollo comunitario en la comunidad indígena de San José de Uchupiamonas. Oferta de alojamiento y actividades turísticas sotenibles
Impact of Tourism in Tharu Community- Nepal
This is a Story about Chitwan "The Tourist City of Nepal". I Explain how tourism help to community development from poor Community to Economic Hub City of Nepal
Turismo y Desarrollo Comunitario en el Estado de Shan - Myanmar
Es el relato de la caminata de tres días de Kalaw al Lago Inle, visitando y compartiendo con las comunidades a lo largo del camino.
The Danish Democratic Design
Copenhagen keeps inspiring many places around the world that democracy, sustainability, and economic growth,including tourism, can go hand-in-hand.
Tourism and Community Development
Represented” Africa” on the “Global Energy Awards”, “World Prize for Sustainable Energy” and the “Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education.Tourism!
Stepping Back In Time - Chinatown, Bangkok
The hidden gems of Bangkoks Chinatown. About the old places and a way of life that is under threat by modern development. Still local initiatives provide hope.
Desarrollo del turismo y la comunidad en Namibia
Breve descripción de ocho iniciativas de Turismo Comunitario en Namibia.
Turismo y Desarrollo de la Comunidad, Ecoturismo en San Antonio Necua, Baja California, México
El grupo Kumiai de San Antonio Necua, en Ensenada, Baja California optó por mejorar su productividad y cuidar su patrimonio al enfocarse al ecoturismo,
Puno is a place located in the south of Perú. There we can visit the Amantani y Taquile islands where natives have managed for ages one of the best community b
your entry for the blogger competition
I'm A Hippie, Wannderluster And An Old Soul. With Hopes Of Becoming A Proffessional Diplomat.
Boca de Camichín. Aguas cálidas del Rey.
Boca es un ejemplo de que se pueden hacer bien las cosas. Modelo de Turismo Comunitario con beneficios económicos, ambiental, sociales, científicos y culturales
Tourism and Community Development plays a vital role in the economic development. It promotes a harmonious blend of Art, Religion, and Philosophy.
Turismo y desarrollo de la comunidad
Viñales es una comunidad que se ha beneficiado en su desarrollo economico y social gracias al turismo internacional que genera el 70% de los ingresos
El agroturismo comunitario se abre paso entre la efervescencia económica de Panamá
Artículo y reportaje sonoro que da voz en primera persona a campesinos panameños, actores rurales dinamizadores del agroturismo comunitario en el país del istmo
Through the rice fields of Sa Pa accompanied by amazing local women
The indigenous peoples in Sa Pa, Vietnam. How can we contribute to help them but also... How inspirational their lives can be for us!
Tourism and Community Development: Through the Eyes of Barcelona Immigrant
This post is my observations about how tourism can differently affect two communities: Catalan and Lithuanian.
A Tourist's Tale of Post-Uprising Egypt - A Paragon of Interdependence between Tourism and Community Development
This blog is an account of my journey to Egypt following the Egyptian uprising of 2011. It identifies the paramount role of tourism in the Egyptian economy and
WTD Blogger Competition Israel
People traveling to experience more, learn and grow as human beings is the best thing they can do with their money and time.
Leh Exemplifies Simultaneous Development of Community and Tourism
The article illustrates good and bad contribution of tourism to the community development in Leh, a popular destination for active and cultural holiday in India
Jacob's Land, The Way
The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, The Way toward the tombs of St James
Green and Yellow: the colors of HOPE
The story of a group of Brazilians that helped to bring life back to a suburban area and how these benefactors now hope to benefit from the World Cup legacy.
My Pathway to Discovering Sustainable Tourism
As tourists we have the power to leave much more than just our footprints behind. This post delves into the discovery of responsible travel.
Impact of tourism in education and other factors as experienced by native student of Langtang Valley and sharing experience with friends.
Rio de Janeiro: Favela Santa Marta
My visit to the Favela Santa Marta in Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 World Cup. Favela tours are popular and Santa Marta shows how it can be done successfully.
Mai Hich - a difficult area in Vietnam. However people work hard and feel happy. I am proud of Vietnamese people, beautiful landscapes. My heart <3 => Mai Hich
A Visionary Eco-Feminist!
Piplantri, a village in Rajasthan, India, and the story of its social transformation.
On the Wings of White Stork. Naisiai Community (LT)
Could the countryside recover its idyllic image - closiness to the nature, strong belonging to community?... Naisiai community in Lithuania knows the answer
Homestays, Plantation Tours and Craftwork: Community Development and Tourism in the Backwaters of Kerala
Undergraduate Fieldwork in Development Geography: Community Development and Tourism through plantation tours, craftwork and home stay tourism in Kerala, India.
Ngapali: From Fishing village to Fruitful Community
Ngapali, a quiet 3-kilometer white sand beach situated on the west coast of Myanmar, has been isolated due to tourism boycott directed at the military regime.
Ghandruk Village: The Dreamland now Thanks to Tourism
This is about Ghandruk village which has been turned to dreamland from a common hardly known village thanks to tourism. I feel lucky to spend my 3 months here.
Día Mundial Turismo
En mis diversos recorridos por el mundo y en especial por mi país, he descubierto los esfuerzos que se hacen por parte de la Universidad pública en la comunidad
Tourism and Its Contribution for the Community in Chinatown of Semarang
The story how tourism help community in Chinatown of Semarang in many aspects such as economical, environmental, and also inter-ethnicity dialogue.
Travel With Purpose: Impact of Tourism in Sapa
An article exploring the positive socio-economic impact of tourism on the Black Hmong ethnic minority living in the villages around Sapa in Vietnam.
No Pain No Gain: El camino de Santiago
I wrote about one of the most famous pilgrim route in Europe "Camino de Santiago" and how the route effects local people along the way.
Dubai - Tourism based Community
Dubai is the perfect example of a community which shifted its focus exclusively on tourism in order to turn a desert into empire of wealth and prosperity.
Cristo Rey: El sabor de una raza
Desarrollo de un proyecto de productividad turística con enfoque etnico en una comunidad afro
Rwanda`s gorillas role in communities development
It highlights the role of Rwanda`s gorillas conservation and Shared Tourism Revenue Scheme in communities development.360 initiatives have been funded.
Tourism and Community Development
The article contains the definitions of Tourism and Community, various aspects of Community Development through Tourism and description of personal experience.
Turismo y Desarrollo Comunitario: Experiencias Únicas de TRC en Perú
Descubran cómo el turismo sostenible logra generar inclusión económica y social en poblaciones rurales del Perú gracias a un modelo de gestión participativo.
Tourism + Community Development = Montreal
Little introduction to La Ville de Montreal, a City of Diversity.
Tourism and Community Development. Case: Rep.of Moldova
A short reflection on how the industry I am passionate about started changing Rep.of Moldova and me.
A combination of youthful resourcefulness, a long history of slavery and the footprints of early European missionaries has made Badagry a touristy town
Community-based Tourism in Nam Dam village of Vietnam
A new community-based tourism site in Vietnam. Let's see how it is going on.
your entry for the blogger competition
Sri Lanka is still digging itself out of a 27-year old civil war but tourism is helping this island of paradise to rebuild.
Peace through dialogue: the story of Awra Amba
About the community of Awra Amba in Ethiopia, where grassroots movement encourages people to build a society that values education and equality above all.
Generous People in Ciptagelar Village, Indonesia.
This blog is about the generous villagers in the sidehill of Halimun Mountain, West Java, Indonesia that manage to stick with the traditional way of living.
Tourism and Community Development : From Headhunters Den
Aoling Monyu,the most colorful festival of Konyak Naga tribes living in Nagaland,India.I have spend some five days amongst them.It's a amazing experience.
Tourism and Community: Bali's Boom
After a recent trip to Bali, I've been able to experience first hand the value tourism has on small island communities.
Agritourism: Gandaki Rainbow Trout Farm in the Spotlight
This is my blog post during my expedition to Gandaki Rainbow Trout farm. This site has made a significant contribution in uplifting the livelihood of community.
Community Based Tourism Development project in Kewzing, Sikkim
Kewzing is a small Bhutia (local tribe) village in south district of Sikkim, India promoting Tourism through Community Development.
Mercado flotante de Amphawa, Tailandia
El mercado flotante de Amphawa en Tailandia, es uno de esos sitios que aunque pase el tiempo se quedan contigo.
Tourism and Community Development: Never underestimate the invisible force of tourism
I currently travel the world to see how tourism works in the real world and I have witnessed no one could truly know how much tourism could do for our community
“Go to the plov festival in Chust“ or how to transform virtual dreams into a reality
How a single albeit reasonably successful oshkhona (Uzbek national cafe) in a remote region of Uzbekistan off beaten track become a popular tourist attraction
My post is about importance of tourism in my country (Bosnia and Herzegovina) not just from the aspect of development but in light of reconciliation as well.
Tourism and Community Development in Tingana
Had Tingana not become a community-based biodiversity conservation and eco-tourism site, the forest may have been destroyed for commercial agriculture.
In a community that is healing from a longlasting insurgency, tourism is a looming opportunity to be utilized. And here is how Northern Uganda is takinging it.
Community of Cultural and Environmental Stewards
The story the natural wonders and beauty of the Canadian Rockies and how the community showed me how to respect and protect their home, our earth.
Kakheti – to be explored anew
The points of sales in Kakheti region have increased by 14 percent, number of hotel beds in circuit route increased by 56 percent, about 3,500 new jobs created
A Look back at Cape Town, SA through the heart of a warrior
Looking back through a warrior's heart the community development of the place where tourism has made a pivotal role in it's growth and progress.
Mangroves, développement économique, et tourisme communautaire aux Philippines
Témoignage de la touriste que je suis, émerveillée par le travail d'une association aux Philippines
Jaipur- The Revolution
This post is about the changes in the community of the Jaipur city over the period of 15 years that has helped in the tourism boom.
Tourism, New Hope For Better Tomorrow for Lombok's people
a simple story of how tourism has a strong influnce on increase the prosperity of lombok's people.
Tourism: Between Economic Development and Wanderlust
Inspired by his trip to Alaska and by his home town Carthage, Ala explains the Tourism growth as a cause for both enthusiasm and concern.
The Synergy of Government and Local Community in Developing Lake Toba and Samosir Island Tourism
“It’s still the same as what I saw back then when I was still in elementary school, Jen”
Santa Fe de la Laguna un ejemplo de desarrollo comunitario a través del Turismo
Santa Fe de la Laguna en el Lago de Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México. Un lugar en donde un grupo de mujeres emprendedoras ha logrado el desarrollo de su comunidad.
"You can": The Power of Youth-led Voluntourism
This post features the power of the youth to effect positive change through voluntourism-centered development programs like the International Citizen Service.
The Renaissance of an Old Town - Penang
An excellent example of how tourism promotes Penang's living heritage to tourists, while increasing awareness among locals of the need to preserve it.
Taming the Migratory: The Whale Sharks of Tan-awan, Oslob, Ph
Whale shark tourism and fish feeding in Tan-awan, Oslob, Ph.
A Glimpse into the Future: Developing a Community through Tourism
There are examples of community development via tourism. Here's an example of a community that has all the potential to develop via tourism & just need support.
Tourism and Community Development
Apart from youth empowerment, Bagong Silangan Youth Federation (BSYF) is a community based youth organization facilitating in community volunteering and etc.
WWOOFing it Up in Kiwiland: 2 years volunteering on organic farms and travelling in New Zealand
Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms = Environmentally, Economically and Socially Sustainable Tourism
A story about tourism and community development
A story how a guesthouse and the visitors it brought improved the local community in the old town of Nazareth.
The Synergy of Government and Local Community in Developing Lake Toba and Samosir Island Tourism
This article is about the synergy of government and local community in developing themselves, in this case the biggest volcanic lake in the world: Lake Toba
Skopje- a blooming tourist destination
My dearest Skopje is being swarmed by tourists this summer. People from all over the world have come to walk the streets of little Skopje- and they love it.
Selflessly rewarding travels
My selfless yet rewarding experiences in Northern Thailand and in my hometown of Mumbai where Asia's largest slum is.
From zero to hero
The story of how the semi nomadic coastal 'Vezo' people have gained from community based tourism.
The Andamans – Harmony of survival and stories
The post is about how tourism helped the group of islands in The Andamans regain the fervor of life
Own a House in Nagaland
CHAUTARE,the entire blog is dedicated to tourism & communities.This blog article about Nagaland in India's Northeast is an action indicator for sustainability.
There's a Limit to Everything
This post looks at how tourism development in Bali, the world renowned tropical paradise, has turned into a nightmare for local residents in the past few years.
Mcleodganj, India is probably the first example where eco Tourism supports an international Political cause. It truly is the abode of Gods.
Treasure, that's what you are.
Sometime in the future, I will go back here, set foot once again and fulfill my heart’s whisper before the takeoff.
Youth Community Develop A Village Becoming Tourism Destinations
Ancient Volcano formerly had no economic value and only a mere boulder now seemed to be a gold source that can improve the welfare of the community after it is.
Community Development & Tourism in Giffoni
Having visited the village of Giffoni for a film festival, I was amazed at how the power of community event could bring in tourists from all over the world.
Beyond Economy, Beyond Cultural Preservation: The Influence of Saung Angklung Udjo towards Improvement of Welfare in Local Community
My objective is to explain thoroughly regarding the success story of Saung Angklung Udjo in the terms of improving the quality of life in Padasuka community.
Loss in the Limboo Land
CHAUTARE,the entire blog is about tourism & communities.I have entered this blog article from Hee of Sikkim in East Himalaya to tell the world about this leader
Daman – Developing through Tourism
Like a seagull, Daman continues to soar with the aid of tourism. The government's 20-year plan has something for each - the locals, the nature & the economy!
Visit The State of EXIT
The Best Major European Music Festival, EXIT Festival started in Novi Sad, Serbia as a student movement welcoming more than 3 million visitors since 2000.
Worth the Miles for Soul Healing Smiles
This blog chronicles my experience working to drive tourism to the Philippines. It never occurred to me that nature would attempt to undo years of progress.
Change is Inevitable
Blog from 2012 reflecting on the impacts of tourism development within this region. Celebrating the growing prosperity, but unnerved by the changing community.
The stars of the CBT Vietnam Project
For nearly a decade I have been involved in a community based tourism project in Vietnam. I have many people to thank.
Pokhara and Kathmandu
This is my entry for the competition.
Un mundo ancestral bajo la sombra del turismo .
En esta pagina podrán conocer acerca de municipio de San Andrés Larrainzar, un pueblo conformado por habitantes mayas tsotsiles ubicado en Chiapas, México.
How Tourism Has Changed Rahime's Life: Community Development and Empowerment of Woman in Sirince
Şirince is a former Greek village, which has been the subject of many novellas and stories both in Greek and Turkish literature.
Tourism and Community Development in Chuan Tsai Tou (船仔頭), Chiayi, Taiwan
Located in Chiayi, Taiwan, Chuan Tsai Tou is a small village where the community is trying to develop the area as an art and leisure village.
Turismo y desarrollo comunitario en comunidad rural Kaonge en Bahia-Brasil. Las condiciones de vida mejoraron debido al turismo.
Threads of Change
Turismo y Desarrollo Comunitario: experiencias de éxito en la agricultura familiar
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