Previous World Tourism Day Celebrations

  WTD 2011 - Egypt
  Linking Cultures



    WTD 2010 - China
    Tourism and Biodiversity



                WTD 2009 - Ghana
                Tourism - Celebrating Diversity



                         WTD 2008 - Peru
                         Tourism: Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change



                                            WTD 2007 - Sri Lanka                       
                                            Tourism Opens Doors for Women                      




                     WTD 2006 - Portugal
                     Tourism Enriches



WTD 2005 - Qatar
Travel and transport: from the imaginary of Jules Verne to the reality of the 21st century                       

WTD 2004 - Malaysia                          
Sport and tourism: two living forces for mutual understanding, culture and the development of societies                  

WTD 2003 - Algeria                            
Tourism: a driving force for poverty alleviation, job creation and social harmony                          

WTD 2002 - Costa Rica                   
Ecotourism, the key to sustainable development  

WTD 2001- Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tourism: A Tool for Peace and Dialogue among Civilizations         

WTD 2000 - Germany
Technology and Nature: Two Challenges for Tourism at the Dawn of the 21st Century

WTD 1999 - Chile
Tourism: Preserving World Heritage for the New Millennium

WTD 1998 - Mexico   
Public-Private Sector Partnership: The Key to Tourism Development and Promotion   

WTD 1997
Tourism: a leading activity of the twenty-first century for job creation and environmental protection

WTD 1996
Tourism: a factor of tolerance and peace

WTD 1995
WTO: serving world tourism for twenty years

WTD 1994
Quality staff, quality tourism

WTD 1993
Tourism development and environmental protection: towards a lasting harmony

WTD 1992
Tourism: a factor of growing social and economic solidarity and of encounter between people

WTD 1991
Communication, information and education: powerlines of tourism development

WTD 1990
Tourism: an unrecognized industry, a service to be released ("The Hague Declaration on Tourism")

WTD 1989
The free movement of tourists creates one world

WTD 1988
Tourism: education for all

WTD 1987
Tourism for development

WTD 1986
Tourism: a vital force for world peace

WTD 1985
Youth Tourism: cultural and historical heritage for peace and friendship

WTD 1984
Tourism for international understanding, peace and cooperation

WTD 1983
Travel and holidays are a right but also a responsibility for all

WTD 1982
Pride in travel: good guests and good hosts

WTD 1981
Tourism and quality of life

WTD 1980
Tourism's contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage and to peace and mutual understanding